Road tripping with the kids: my favorite FREE road trip apps

Are you planning your summer road trip(s) yet? I can’t wait to hit the road this summer with my family. And when we do, I will be relying heavily on several road trip and travel apps. I have compiled a list of my favorite FREE ones to help with your planning and traveling. We are... Continue Reading →

Making ‘family time’ a priority

Do you have regrets? I always wanted to be the person who said no to that question. No regrets. But do I? Probably. I wish I would’ve done this. Or I probably shouldn’t have done that. I’m not sure I really even like that question, though, or the idea of it. Life is a journey,... Continue Reading →

Mission Sunflower Festival

We stumbled upon a cute little festival this past weekend. It was the first-ever Mission Sunflower Festival in Mission, KS. It was our last weekend of having my husband around again until graduation, so we were looking for something different and fun to help entertain our kids. We weren't sure what to expect since this... Continue Reading →

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