I have a bag full of lollipops if you need one

“There is no safe place in this gym.” I whispered those words to my husband last year as the crowd surrounding us rose up in anger with a referee’s call on a particular basketball play. I was joking. Mostly. For several games, we had tried different places around the gym to sit — looking for... Continue Reading →

Come on Spring!

I admit, I have been in full hibernation mode. I hate winter. Okay, I don't really hate the season of winter, I just hate being cold. And frugal. Cause come on, I could just crank up the heat and be fine, but then my bill gets cranked up, too. I just want my fingers and... Continue Reading →

i LOVE the Olympics!

The greatest sporting event begins this week. While I love college football and college basketball, especially March Madness, nothing compares to the two and a half weeks that are the Olympics, which rotate every two years between the summer events and the winter ones. Olympism, according to the Olympic Charter, combines sport with culture and... Continue Reading →

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