The real frank sisters…

We’re real. We’re frank. We’re real frank. Who exactly is Frank? No idea. But we’re two sisters, Amy & Jacki, who share similar traits, interests and banter. And even a chronic pain illness. We survive through laughter and tears. And a few scoops of crazy on top.

And now we have a blog together. Parenting, sports, BYU, road trips, family and more.

We like to keep it real. Say it like it is. No nonsense. Genuine. Flawed but fun. While still trying to do our best.

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Real Amy: 30-something, married, stay-at-home mom of three sparkly little girls. Lover of all things outdoors (except humidity), sarcasm and bedtime. Graduated from BYU in Recreation Management & Youth Leadership. Enjoys coaching bitty and youth sports. Would love to feel well enough some day to run a marathon!


Real Jacki: 40-something, married mom of two teens and writer for a small-town newspaper. Lover of road trips, cop shows and short walks on the beach. Went to college. Twice. Degrees in English from BYU (I bleed blue) and journalism from Northwest Missouri State (D2 football AND men’s basketball national champs in 2016-17). Not-so-secretly longs to be a hermit in the mountains as long as there’s wifi.


Real sisters: Both love sports, getting together with our parents, other siblings and our families, playing cards, attending BYU athletic events together (when we can since we live 1,100 miles from Provo), eating and laughing. Allegedly, Jacki broke Amy’s wrist in 1980-something but Jacki has no recollection of the event.


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