Local Gem: Wonderscope

We recently kicked off the summer by heading to Wonderscope. It’s a cute little children’s museum located in Shawnee, KS.

Let me just start by being real frank … I generally despise any type of museum. Especially children’s museums. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, or it could be the fact that I have been *blessed* with 3 girls, but I actually thought this museum was fantastic!

Wonderscope is located in an old elementary school and is filled with fun.

I think my kids spent close to an hour in the first exhibit room, the farm to market. You can help produce the food and then shop till you drop in the market. They have cute little farmer dress up things and actual kid-size shopping carts to use in the market. And you don’t have to worry about spending real money … my kids dreams come true!


Other exhibits include:

Raceways – where you get to build tracks and race golf balls or little wooden cars around.

Baby Nursery & Vet Clinic – take care of the babies including changing them, taking vitals and feeding and putting them to sleep, all while wearing your white doctor jacket. And the vet clinic you take care of the pets with all sorts of vet equipment.


TinkerSpace: A room full of different kinds of blocks and building materials. We didn’t have time to visit this one, but it looked fun as well.

Small Wonders Playroom: This room is designed for kids 6 months – 2 years. Sorry, no big kids in here!

Art Room: The kids will have a blast in here, where they can create so many different types of artwork, including painting, playing on the chalkboards and scoping out the huge assortment of art supplies you can use to make just about anything you want!


Water Room: just what it sounds like … there are fun little water tables full of toys to play with!

Gym: The gym is pretty fun. Close to the end of the day, they set up an obstacle course and time all the kids as they go through it. It was a fun way to end our day, and afterwards, the kids climbed on the wall, played volleyball and goofed off with the swings.


Garden: If you’re lucky enough to visit when it’s not too hot, there is a pretty cool garden outside as well.

I’m not keen on spending money on memberships and things when my kids can pretty much entertain themselves outside or at home, but I’m strongly considering a membership to this cool kids museum. It pays for itself with just three visits during the year, and while we are crazy busy during the school months, it might be worth a visit now and again because my kids loved it. Two thumbs up from this mom!


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