Road tripping with the kids and bathrooms: O-M-GROSS!!!

A blog post about public bathrooms?



Because the worst part of road tripping is having to use public bathrooms.


And if you find one that exceeds your expectations, you write about it!

If you’ve driven along I-80, you probably have noticed the “Mom Approved Restrooms” billboards for Sapp Bros.

Road tripping and bathrooms: O-M-GROSS!!! travel. kids. families.

I tend to use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas along our route, so the bathroom generally takes a back seat in regards to our stopping.

On our most recent trip, however, we stopped at the Sapp Bros truck stop just outside of Cheyenne because it was the cheapest during that section of the trip.

So I finally experienced the “Mom Approved Restroom.”

And I just have to say …

Best. Restroom. Ever.

Clean. Smelled Fantastic. And HEATED toilet seats. Wow.

This mom definitely approved. And so did dad. He even left them a tip.


The Sapp Bros website says: “We constantly monitor the condition of our restrooms to make sure they are up to our high standards. We want to make sure you have a comfortable visit using our facilities. If you ever find the standards not up to your own expectations, please let a member of our team know. Some or our locations feature a button right outside the restroom to alert our team something is out of order; press it and we’ll be on our way!”

There you have it. Constantly monitoring to meet their high standards. That’s how you get mom approved.

Here’s where you can find the “Mom Approved Restrooms.”

I’ll be looking for Sapp Bros in the future when I use Gas Buddy to plan our stops.

What about you? What are the best restrooms you’ve found to use in your travels?


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