2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle

I don’t know about you, but 2018 has hit me like a Mack truck.

2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle.
That’s a really pretty Mack truck with a beautiful mountain background. So far, my 2018 has felt nothing like “pretty” or “beautiful.”

We had a pretty great Christmas season, where we focused on #LightTheWorld, and spent quality time with family. And then 2018 rolled around …

… and I got a cold (I know no one is a fan of getting sick but I’m rarely sick and it was so annoying) … and it got crazy cold here (-25° wind chills at times) … and my chronic pain has been raging …  and we’ve had some big parenting challenges … and … and … and … and … and the list goes on.

It feels like I’ve only been doing the minimum to get by. And I’ve felt so lost as to how to get out of this funk.

While doing some research for something else recently, though, I came across this:

“Old sailing ships had periods when the wind did not blow. They were ‘dead in the water.’ But the wind will return. The sails will fill. You will come into port” (Jeffrey R. Holland).

2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle

This too shall pass.

I’m reminded of the scripture “And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength” (Mosiah 4:27).

I have little strength right now. I’m weak. And I’m tired. Which can also be depressing. But I also need to see my small successes and the good that I am doing, even when it seems like I’m not doing any good at all.

While there have been a lot of things I haven’t done or been able to do over the last few weeks, I have done some good.

– Aside from using one sick day, I’ve been able to work.

– I was able to watch my daughter at her first show choir competition of the season and their cabaret show.

2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle

– I attended the baptism of a girl who I teach at church.

– I did a little cleaning at our cabin (that may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is for me with my chronic pain illness).

Here are a few ideas that might help us as we’re “dead in the water.” Kelli Allen-Pratt, in “Confessions of a Perfectionist,” gave 7 tips to help on our journey:

  1. Pray for guidance.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others (love this phrase about moms – we’re all a hot mess; some just hide it better than others).
  3. Be gentle with yourself (a favorite song from my youth – Gentle by Michael McLean).
  4. Forgive yourself (that can be a tough one).
  5. Don’t worry what others are thinking of you (ugh … also tough).
  6. Acknowledge the fruits of your labors.
  7. Be thankful.

I love this from Joseph B. Wirthlin’s “One Step after Another” …

“We don’t have to be fast; we simply have to be steady and move in the right direction. We have to do the best we can, one step after another … The only thing you need to worry about is striving to be the best you can be. And how do you do that? You keep your eye on the goals that matter most in life, and you move towards them step by step … We don’t have to be perfect today. We don’t have to be better than someone else. All we have to do is to be the very best we can.”

2018 started with more fizzle than sizzle

So if 2018 hasn’t started out with the bang you were hoping it would, all is not lost.

Hang in there.

One step at a time.

With a hope that the wind will return once again.

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