Goodbye, Netflix

I get that we live in the age of technology. I personally love it. Probably couldn’t live without it.

Or actually … I could.

I totally have a love hate relationship with it. It does make things so much easier.


But I hate that my kids are so obsessed with it! Lately, they are so addicted to watching shows. My almost-two-year-old wakes up in the middle of the night begging to watch a show. She knows how to get to Netflix on any device and turn on her own show. And the other two are just as bad, wanting to watch a show first thing every morning, any time they have a free minute.

Well, this mean mom is fed up and decided to cancel Netflix. I’ve been telling them for a few weeks that we were going to get rid of it. Easing them into it, getting them ready. With them being in school and involved with sports, friends and other things, they just don’t need it. And neither do the parents.  Last night I pulled the plug and this morning there was already much drama, complaining and whining.

Keynote speaker and author Billy Cox said: “Technology should improve your life…not become your life.”

So true. I admit as a stay-at-home mom that I tend to use way too much technology. If I’m prepping dinner, I’ll watch a show. If my kids are busy, I use my computer. Kid #3 at our house is constantly slamming the laptop down on my hands to get my attention. It’s cute and frustrating at the same time.

I’m big into taking surveys, etc. to get a little extra cash via Amazon gift cards. But lately I have become very annoyed with technology and feeling like it has overrun our house.

This is the response to me trying to simplify our lives in one little area…


So the damage is done. What’s left?

Plenty! We don’t have any kind of subscription television services, but there is still plenty of technology in this house. The kids will be fine. And I’m sure before long we’ll forget we ever had Netflix. We have more kid DVDs in our house than we need to. And if we still need more, we’ll check out DVDs from the library. But honestly, it will be harder for me probably as I use Netflix as a baby sitter for Kid #3…while working out, showering, cleaning, cooking…so the only life that will be more complicated by this is mine. And I welcome the challenge.

Norwegian historian, teacher, and political scientist Christian Lous Lange said it best: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

I, for one, need to use it more as a tool than an obsession. So three cheers for abandoning Netflix and any other technological distractions we don’t need in our lives.


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