Local Gem: Macey’s Kong Kone

Soccer season has started up again for us and this week was the first practice for my seven-year-old’s team, which I’m lucky enough to coach this fall. We didn’t start until later in the evening, and it was so miserably hot and humid that I was really craving one of these Kong Kone’s on the way home.

This picture does not even do this Kong Kone justice. The cup he’s holding is still 1/3 full of ice cream! This would easily feed our family of 5, but that is not its intended purpose, and so we had to get each of the kids their own baby Kong.

These baby Kongs aren’t the true size of the baby either because we asked for them to be smaller than normal. And they are still larger than a regular size cone at McDonald’s or Dairy Queen.

And for some reason, it tastes better when you put a dab of ice cream on the tip of your nose, too. You should give that a try the next time you eat an ice cream cone!

So what is a Macey’s and how do you find your Ultimate Kong Kone? Macey’s is a grocery store chain in Northern Utah mainly with stores along 1-15. They actually have a store mascot, which is Kong. And since Kong’s favorite food (besides bananas) is ice cream, they created the baby Kong, momma Kong, daddy Kong and the Ultimate Kong!


This is a fun little tradition for us when we’re in Utah since there’s a Macey’s store close to Grandma’s house.

Can you defeat the ultimate Kong Kone?

Where are your favorite local gems for ice cream? We’re always looking for new places as we travel.


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