Road tripping with the kids to Arches National Park

Utah is one of my favorite states ever! Not just because it is home to my alma mater, BYU. And not just because of all of those beautiful mountains.

It is also home to several national parks. On our summer road trip this year, we had the chance to visit Arches National Park in eastern Utah just outside of Moab. And it did not disappoint!


With over 1.5 million visitors last year, it’s definitely a busy park. We were there during the afternoon hours and the temperature was 106.

Our kids absolutely loved the park, but the temps threw them off a bit. Particularly our seven-year-old, who was not interested in doing any extra hiking, even with a camelback filled with cool water. We asked her if that meant she didn’t want to move to Arizona then.

Her: “Does it get this hot in Arizona?”

Me: “Yep, hotter even.”

Her: “I never want to move there!”

Bummer, and hate to disappoint her, but you never know. We would LOVE to move back to Arizona in the future. Maybe she’d toughen up and get used to it.


Arches is full of over 2,000 natural sandstone arches. I’m sure we missed one or two. But the ones we did happen to see were amazing.

I definitely fell in love with this place and can’t wait for the opportunity to come back and explore it again, take a few hikes and experience the many miles of fun. Next time we will plan a trip when it’s not quite so hot.



Best part of the park: Being able to drive through the park and see most of the best arches without having to leave the comforts of your air-conditioned car.

Worst part of the park: Those 100+ temps do not help the smell in those vault toilets. And with young children…there is no way to avoid them!

It is amazing the world we live in. So many beautiful natural creations to see and explore. I am so glad my littles, and my husband, are willing to appease my interest in all things outdoors and are willing to hike around a national park in 100+ temps. The heat isn’t an issue for me, but for a more enjoyable visit of this national park, I’d hit it during the cooler season, and not in the middle of summer.


Buckle up for the beauty that awaits if you choose to visit Arches!


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