Pinterest Hit or Miss: 4th of July fun

Want to put a little pop into your Independence Day family get-together or neighborhood gathering? We’ve got you covered.

We put Jacki’s kids back to work and experimented with three patriotic ideas. And did so pretty successfully.

Confetti Launchers

4th of July Confetti Launchers. Kids. Independence Day. Crafts. Family. Children. Summer. Cheap.
4th of July Confetti Launchers

This simple idea comes from the Piikea Street blog,, as a kid-friendly, inexpensive alternative to real fireworks. “No big bangs or smoke but still very cool.” We used patriotic paper but these would be fun for your kids to get creative with and do the decorating on their own. Home run “Hit” … except for the cleanup.


  • toilet paper tubes
  • decorative paper or markers
  • 12” balloons
  • tape
  • paper
  • scissors


Cut some paper into confetti-sized squares and set aside.

Decorate your tubes anyway you like with paper or markers.

Cut a balloon in half and tie the end. Wrap the larger end of the balloon over one end of the tube and secure with tape. Try your best to keep the balloon taut but don’t bend it.

Take your poppers and confetti outside. Add a heavy pinch of confetti to the tube. Point it out, pull back the balloon end, let go and enjoy.

Firecracker Cookies

Firecracker Cookies. Recipes. Independence Day. Desserts. Family. Children. Summer.
Firecracker Cookies

These cute sugar cookies come from and are sure to put a pop in your July 4th party … literally. You top these sugar cookies with pop rocks which pop in your mouth. She suggests topping with red pop rocks as well as a white sugar and blue gel mixture. To save time, we thought we’d top them with both red and blue pop rocks and omit the blue sugar. However, the blue, which was tropical punch flavored, ended up looking more green than blue. Also, these need to be eaten the day you make them. Otherwise, the colors start to melt/bleed on top and and the rocks don’t pop quite as much. “Hit,” if you follow the directions.


  • your favorite sugar cookie recipe or pre-made refrigerated cookie dough
  • butter cream or white frosting
  • 2 packs of red pop rocks
  • white sugar and blue gel paste


Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and frost after they have cooled. Create blue sugar by adding sugar and blue gel paste into a blender and turn on for 30 seconds. Sprinkle sugar on frosting and then sprinkle pop rocks on cookies. You will hear them crackle as they hit the frosting. If you’re not going to be serving them right away, you might want to wait to top with the pop rocks.

July 4th Layered Drinks

July 4th Layered Drinks. Recipes. Kids. Independence Day. Family. Children. Summer.
July 4th Layered Drinks

These non-alcoholic drinks from are fun and perfect for your family or neighborhood gathering.

“You can layer the drinks in any way you like but the secret is in the sugar content. The other secret to success with layered drinks is plenty of ice.”

We had to play around with them some as we got too much cranapple juice in one and not enough in another. Despite those minor issues, they looked fun and tasted good, too. “Hit.”


  • 1 C. red cranapple juice
  • 1 C. white Sobe piña colada drink
  • 1 C. blue Gatorade
  • ice


Fill your glass 1/3 of the way full with cranapple juice.

Then fill to the top with ice.

Slowly, pour the second layer directly on top of an ice cube. Then repeat with the third layer.

Note: you must pour slowly and directly over the ice for it to work.


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