You don’t have to go to the Wizarding World for Butterbeer

We’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida twice (and we’re planning another trip for this December). And I have to admit, of all the rides, attractions and other excitement the park offers, the frozen butterbeer is my favorite.

Yes, I’m willing to spend $100+ just to get my butterbeer fix. Well, not exactly, but it’s seriously so good. The regular version of butterbeer is yummy, too, but for me, the frozen is to die for.


But you don’t have to fly to Orlando to get the frozen phenomenon. There are plenty of copycat recipes out there to try. This one is both easy and amazing. And you can get your fix until your next vacation with Harry, Hermione and Ron.


2 2-liters of cream soda

1 container of whipping cream

1 jar of butterscotch ice cream topping


With one of the 2 liters of cream soda, freeze small portions of it in plastic cups. Freeze for a few hours.

Whip the cream, adding a few tablespoons of the butterscotch topping as you whip. If you want more of a buttery flavor, add more. Do not over whip the cream, though. It should feel light.

In a blender, blend the frozen cream soda with some of the cream soda that is not frozen so it’s slushy.

Add another tablespoon or so of the butterscotch topping into the cream soda while you blend.

Pour the blended mixture into a cup and top with the butterscotch flavored whip cream.


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