Hidden Gem: Kansas City Northern Railroad

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We hit up a local gem this morning, the Kansas City Northern Railroad. Our kids love this place and beg to go ride the train every week during the open season. I don’t really see the allure unless you’re a huge train lover like Sheldon Cooper.  But we go quite often during the summer months because it’s cheap entertainment for the kids.

Today was our first visit of the year. And in honor of it being National Trails Day, we took Kansas City’s Line Creek Trail, torturing our children by making them bike to the train station.

Round trip = 5 miles.

Normally they are okay biking that far and absolutely love it, but they don’t have their summer legs trained yet. It was a little much for our mighty 4-year-old who gave out and had to join little sis in the stroller and I was lucky enough to push her bike home the final mile. Lucky.

One of the great things about the KCNRR is that it is run completely by volunteers. They have matching shirts and wear cute little hats. They have great attitudes and love to talk about the trains.

Maybe it’s so fun for our kids because it reminds them of a favorite holiday movie, “The Polar Express,” when Tom Hanks says, “tickets please, tickets!” They come by to punch your ticket before the train departs. No fancy shapes or words, but still fun. The trains are retired from the Kansas City Zoo. There’s also a bell to ring and the ride even goes through a short tunnel.

I think our kids could easily spend 2 or 3 hours before they got bored. One train ride is never enough.

If you live near Kansas City or ever come to visit, you should definitely check it out. Or check out their website kcnrr.com. Its a summer favorite at our house!

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